The Vistula Etnographic Park & traditional dinner

How to book a trip?

Just call write!

How much will it cost me?

From 170 pln /person

What does it include?

transport from/ to the meeting point/ hotel, 3 course dinner regional dinner

How long does the trip take?

ca. 4 – 5 hours

Will I like it?

Unique wooden architecture, Polish folk and amazing regional dinner? Hard to say...

Are there any extras?

Not included in the price: guide, available on request

For foodies, Polish folk
About This Project

The Vistula Ethnographic Park/open air museum : the unique open –air museum with over 25 examples of Polish wooden architecture from 18th and 19th century. The oldest monument is a 17th century church ! All objects are original, real cottages, moved from different parts of Polish
After spending time with Polish history the journey will continue in the local polish restaurant, located in one of the cottages with a 3-course Polish dinner.

I want to go!