A Knight for a Day at Ogrodzieniec Castle

How to book a trip?

Just write! info@viakrak.pl

How much will it cost me?

From 175 PLN /person

What does it include?

How long does the trip take?

Will I like it?

It depends. If you love King Arthur's Tales and would like to become a damsel..or a knight for one day...then the trip to Ogrodzieniec Castle is definitely for you!

Are there any extras?

There is a luncheon worth the Royals, available on request

About This Project

Ogrodzieniec Castle: impressive ruins of a 12th century castle, situated on the 515.5 m high Castle Mountain the highest hill of the Krakow – Czestochowa Upland, located on the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests. It is the largest building in the region, integrated into the natural limestone massifs.
According to some investigators of paranormal phenomena, the Ogrodzieniec Castle is a place haunted by mighty dark powers. There have been locally famous reports of the “Black Dog of Ogrodzieniec” being seen prowling the ruins in the night-time.

I want to go!